Maximize Incoming Cash Flow. Minimize Outgoing Cash Flow.

It's a simple concept. It's also the philosophy behind RRG's Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services. Most businesses don't collect everything they're owed when they should. Many others pay more than they need to - limiting their available cash for other investments. Whether you outsource a portion or all of your A/R and A/P to RRG, we ensure one thing: your cash flow will increase.

Get What You Are Owed With RRG's A/R Service

Unauthorized Customer Deductions. Unresolved Invoices. Delinquent Payments. They can add up to millions of dollars. RRG’s Consulting and Recovery Services ensures that not a single deduction slips through the cracks. We speed up your incoming cash flow, maximize recoveries, & review your files to get you every penny you’re owed…

Don't Pay A Dime More Than You Need To With RRG's A/P Service

…And any earlier then you have to. RRG’s Specialists review your accounts to identify any discrepancies – and confirm you’re not overpaying. We audit for nearly a hundred different types of errors, and the audits are customized for each client. This gives you the ability to spend that extra money on your core business.

A/R Financing, Treasury Consultation, Tax Consultation And More...

RRG has decades of experience helping companies, municipalities and cities/counties maximize their profit and minimize their expenses. Whether it’s getting you the cash to cover your bills and fuel growth, making sure that your treasury department is more efficient, or it’s making sure that you are not paying too many taxes and that you are receiving all of the tax revenue that you are entitled to, we have you covered.

The Founders Of RRG Have Worked With Companies Such As Sony Electronics, Kraft Foods And Diamond Foods.

RRG resolves your aged and current A/P and A/R quickly and completely. With over a century of combined experience, the Founders of RRG has helped some of the world's most respected brands save millions of dollars. Past clients also include Seagate Software, Intuit, Nestle, Clorox, LifeScan (A Johnson & Johnson Company), The North Face, Deep Ocean Engineering, and many others.

3 Other Reasons You Need To Talk To Us Today.

1. No Upfront Costs

Most of RRG’s services have NO UPFRONT COSTS. That means if we don’t make or save you money in some way, you don’t pay. RRG works almost entirely on a contingency fee basis. Our fees are some of the lowest in the industry – but trust us; we don’t skimp on the quality.

2. Minimal Disruption To Your Current Operations

Your time is valuable. So is the time of your staff. That’s why you shouldn’t have to spend it digging through receivables and payables, when you can have our specialists handle it quickly and affordably. When you utilize our services, we guarantee that there is minimal disruption to your current operations and staff. Our staff will complement your staff’s efforts in all aspects of A/R, A/P, Financing, Treasury and Tax Management.

3. Free Analysis And Reporting For All Services

No matter which route you choose to go with us, we’ll analyze your current situation and provide in-depth, comprehensive reports based on statistical measures, as well as feasibility studies.

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