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Simply The Easiest (And Most Affordable) Way To Maximize Your Cash Flow.


ou know that dealing with your account discrepancies is frustrating and unrewarding. It saps valuable time and energy away from focusing on your core business – both from you and your team.

With over 100 years combined experience in the field, the team at RRG knows exactly how to maximize your profits and how to slash your expenses. Whether you need to uncover the profits hidden in your accounts, or to minimize your expenses, you can count on a company that has done it before for some of world’s most respected brands.

All with minimal disruption to your current operations and staff, and with no up-front costs. All RRG services also come with a complimentary analysis and in-depth reports on your receivables, payables, and whether tax credits exist for your situation.

Accounts Receivable Outsourced Services

Every year, millions of dollars that can otherwise be tacked on to companies’ bottom line disappear. Unauthorized deductions including invalid trade-related deductions, invalid Post Audits, unearned cash discounts, short paid invoices and disputed receivables…it all adds up.

RRG provides:

  • Unique A/R Strategies: To quickly and smoothly resolve any deduction, charge back, or invoice problem - getting you ALL the money you are owed. This includes including claims for shortages, returns, pricing, post audits, advertising, and current/aged A/R. RRG will even review deductions that have been closed as part of your standard resolution process.
  • A/R Recovery: To ensure that your current and delinquent accounts provide you with positive incoming cash flow and improved profitability. With decades of experience, RRG specialists use dozens of methods to ensure your incoming cash flow is maximized - and your bottom line is rock solid. All done in a way that maintains your customers' good will and your business relationship.
  • A/R Financing: To give you the leverage you need to fuel your growth now. The status of your business credit will not affect your eligibility.

Accounts Payable Outsourced Services

Keeping track of every payment your company owes is tedious and time-consuming. So it’s no surprise that most companies overpay on invoices when they don’t need to.

RRG provides expert A/P Process Consulting. We will review your invoices and billings, scan for over payments from duplicate payments, wrong vendor payments, missed promotions, incorrect pricing and missed cash discounts. We will then notify you of these errors and retrieve the over payments. RRG provides solutions that allow us to identify over payments before they occur.
Our specialists will work with you to examine the root causes of over payments and how to prevent them going forward. We audit for nearly a hundred different kinds of errors, allowing us to catch even the smallest discrepancies.

When you utilize RRG’s A/P service, you can count on absolute protection from over payments.

Accounts Receivable Financing

RRG will help to get you the needed cash to pay current bills and fuel future growth based on your receivables regardless of your credit.

Vendor Insta-Pay Program

RRG will get your vendors paid immediately in one day – at no cost to your company. You can then repay that money on an agreed-upon timetable. This is ideal if you need a little breathing room to grow your business.

Treasury Consulting Service

RRG provides extensive advice and support for businesses looking to boost the efficiency of their treasury department. Services include showing you the best way to mobilize cash, optimizing your organizational structure, demonstrating how to set up bank accounts for maximum financial flexibility, and much more. With over a century of combined experience, RRG’s knowledge in this area can be a valuable asset to your operations.

Tax Consulting

RRG provides four categories of tax consultation:

  • A/P Tax Consulting: RRG will ensure that you are never overtaxed on any future, current or aged invoice. Your invoices will be professionally examined with a fine-toothed comb, and any discrepancies will be brought to your attention and quickly resolved.
  • Sales and Use Tax Compliance And Consulting: RRG will prepare and file your sales/use tax return for your company. Every possible deduction will be taken into account to ensure that your tax burden is minimized. This includes handling various state notices, analyzing sales/use tax exposure, taxability studies, audit defense and/or management and sales/use tax refund recovery services.
  • California Enterprise Zone Tax Credits Retrieval: If your business operates in a designated Enterprise Zone (Ex. Stockton, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Richmond, Sacramento, West Sacramento, Yuba City, Eureka, Fresno, Merced, Ceres, Modesto, Turlock, Watsonville, Stanislaus County, etc...), RRG can identify and retrieve the current and prior year tax credits you are owed, as these credits never expire.
  • Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Audit: RRG will conduct an audit to verify taxpayer compliance with the city ordinance outlined in the city/county municipal code. This audit is conducted to detect any errors occurring from mathematical errors, underreporting of occupancies and invalid exemptions claimed by lodging establishments. RRG will provide a detailed audit report and will assist in the collection of any underreported revenue by the lodging establishments.

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RRG is the premier company in the industry that provides a comprehensive solution to your accounts receivable, payable, financing, treasury and tax problems. In fact, we guarantee that we will find some method to increase your incoming cash flow and reduce your expenses within 30 days.

Depending on your needs, our specialists are available to work with you directly on-site, or from one of our facilities in California.

Every hour you delay you are losing money that would otherwise go to your bottom line. So click the button below now to talk to a specialist.

Services and Benefits

Services and Benefits

Services and Benefits