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hile our technical tax expertise and experience is broad and deep, we specialize in identifying, quantifying and securing tax refunds and future tax savings.

One particular area of our expertise is securing tax refunds and credits under California’s Enterprise Zone Program. This program provides significant tax incentives for companies conducting business in state designated redevelopment areas. Tax credits for just 10 qualified employees can generate upwards of $370,000 in tax credits.

We also perform audits to promote taxpayer compliance with tax ordinances outlined in the respective city/county municipal code.

A Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) audit is an example of a compliance audit that we conduct. This audit is conducted to detect any errors that have occurred from mathematical errors, underreporting of occupancies and invalid exemptions claimed by lodging establishments.

Another example of a common compliance audit is a Business License Compliance audit. This audit is conducted to determine whether a business has remitted the proper amount of business license taxes and/or fees and whether or not the business is operating in compliance with the provisions of the city/county municipal code.

For both of these compliance audits, we also conduct investigative services to determine that all businesses that should be paying TOT’s and business license taxes and fees are paying them.

In addition, we also review existing ordinances and provide recommendations on changing verbiage to maintain compliance with the city/county ordinances within their existing municipal code.

We also specialize in other cash flow solutions such as:




We realize our client’s needs to simultaneously reduce costs and increase cash flow. Our cash recovery services are results-driven and our fees are a fraction of the fees charged by other tax firms without any drop-off in the quality of service. Additionally, all of our projects are performed by experience individuals with at least a manger level, as opposed to our competition where the majority of work is performed by staff with perhaps 1 – 3 years of experience.

We also provide full tax compliance services, including federal and state income taxes and sales & use taxes.

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Tax Solutions

Tax Solutions

Tax Solutions